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It takes time keeping up with the latest technology, dealing with vendors, and finding the best prices — especially as you change, grow, or add locations — it’s time you simply don’t have. Cloudwirx can help. We provide digital network and commercial data center consulting services to companies like yours. Our  strategic partnerships with over 140 service providers give us insight into the latest technology trends and opportunities to ensure your company’s unique business requirements are satisfied.

Negotiate the best deal for your company

Cloudwirx will negotiate on your behalf to save you time and money. Using our provider validation process and our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we will find you the best services, with the best terms, at the best prices.
We have seen every type of industrial service agreement (MSA) and commercial structure and will work closely with you to make sure it fits your organizational model.

Service Provider Benchmark

We have the data – we’ve compiled price, capacity, and have performance data through last 10 years working with hundreds of customer engagements with the suppliers. 

We’re an extension to your team

We pride ourselves on offering the highest degree of professionalism, personalization, and customer service. Our team has a combined 100+ years in the technology industry and understands how important it is to be a responsive partner. 

Making the right choices

Cloudwirx takes the time to thoroughly understand your business requirements and expectations. Business needs are always case-specific. We help you customize your provider contracts to suit your present and future requirements. Our primary responsibility is to support, inform, and be an advocate for you.

Expert Consultations and premier support at no cost to your business.

Unlike service provider sales representatives, we do not receive a base salary, nor do we receive an upfront commission from the providers. We are hired as licensed channel sales partners with the technology providers and carriers and they all have individual incentive programs for our performance. We currently represent over 140 service provider solutions, so we are neutral and unbiased. Our loyalty is to our clients — to finding the best solutions to keep them competitive and in control.

Stories of Success.

“Cloudwirx provided great personal touch during negotiations with the providers. Their availability and communication while sorting through all the vendors, with their independent analysis and expert recommendations, is extremely valuable for our team.”
— Shane Gibson - Chief Architect.
Zerostack, Inc.

Our Proven Process:

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A partner you can always count on.

We maintain an industry wide, carrier neutral, global view to counsel our clients on market and technology trends, price changes, unique solutions offered by niche providers, and insider “tricks of the trade.” Because we do the research, you can remain either visible or invisible to the service providers.

We have strategic licensed relationships with every top-tier service provider, which allows us to source the best solution, at the best price, along with the best terms for our clients.